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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Excel Saga

Excel Saga
Studio - J.C.Staff

Today i bring to you Excel Saga wich is simply one of the most whacky and funniest animes out there. Its a parody anime with 26 episodes, filled with insane situtions that will get you laughing like a mad man.

Plot Summary: Hyperactive Excel does anything and everything to try to please her lord, Ilpalazzo, who wants to take over the planet. Excel's misadventures takes her and her partner, the ever-dying Hyatt, all over the world, meeting several strange people as they go. Everything is bizarre and goofy, as any kind of anime or entertainment genre gets mocked and spoofed.(taken from anime news network)
Nothing is safe from being mocked in this show, Dragon Ball, Power Rangers, Alien etc. The animation is nice with a sound track that enhances  the funny moments and trust  me there are lots of them. 
I recomend this one to everyone that is looking for something extremely funny and offcourse toeveryone that likes a good parady.

Dont waste more time and go to http://www.watchanimeon.com/anime/excel-saga/ to watch it online you wont regret it.

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