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Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Legend of the Legendary Heroes

The Legend of the Legendary
Studio - Zexcs

Despite having one of the lamest titles i have ever seen in an anime, this one sure packed some surprises. The Legend of the Legendary Heroes is the typical medieval type anime for those who love magic and sword fights.
It has 24 episodes that are sure to entertain you.

Plot Summary: Ryner Lute is a lazy student of the Roland Empire Royal Magician's School. One day, the Roland Empire goes to war against a neighboring country Estabul, and Ryner loses his classmates in the battle. After the war, at Emperor Sion Astarl's command, Ryner sets out on a journey to find the relics of a "Legendary Hero". During his quest, he finds out that a deadly curse is spreading across the continent.(taken from anime news network)
This anime was quite a suprise, it was able to deliver a good mix of action, comedy, drama and mystery. The animation is quite good specially the action parts and the soundtrack does help in making some moments epic. Both story and characters are well done and manage to make the viewer interested. It´s a shame that all raised questions aren't answered, but i m almost certain that season 2 will make everything clear.

Overall its not one the best animes around but its still a pretty good one that is sure to entertain.
Head on to http://www.animeshippuuden.com/watch/the-legend-of-the-legendary-heroes/ and have some fun.

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