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Saturday, June 23, 2012


Studio - Madhouse

Today i bring you Needless which is another one of those animes where the more you yell the stronger you get.
With 24 filled with yelling, fighting, powers, special moves and comedy

Plot Summary: In the near future, mankind has suffered from a Third World War, leaving extreme damage all over and forced mankind to become even more distinct from their species. The world was at chaos and from this chaos comes a new species: “Needless”. The Needless are humans who have contracted a “disease” as humans may call them, and allow them to wield extraordinary powers far superior to any mankind. Their abilities include telekinesis, elemental powers, gravity control, adaptation, radioactive release, and all manners of scientific impossibility.(taken from anime news network)
In terms of animation and soundtrack this show is quite good being above the average and it pleases the viewers senses.
The story is nothing over the top but it does it job and keeps the show interesting. The action and abilities are quite good and the comedy bits are able to atleast put a smile in the face.
Overall a good and entertaining anime, not one of the best but still a pretty good one for those who like superpowers and yelling=power.

Head on to  http://www.kumby.com/category/needless-episodes to watch the show. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Rune Soldier

Rune Soldier
Studio - J.C. Staff

Today i bring you Rune Soldier, it´s a 24 episode adventure, parody, comedy anime that´s sure to bring you a good time.

Plot Summary:
Louie is a mage student of the mage academy, and adoptive son of the director. But still, he sucks at magic. Instead, he has abilities for drinking, flirting and fighting in taverns. One day, he meets a party of girls (a priestess, a warrior and a thief) looking for a mage to join them to open a ruin entrance, but they absolutely rejects him due to his pathetic magic skills. But he refuses to be rejected, and then he tries to join them by force, only to interrupting a sacred ritual of Melissa (the priestess), revealing Louie as her master. Now, as the will of god Miley says, they have no choice but to accept them, and here begins the whole new adventure for this "mage"
Louie, a brawny student at the mage's guild, is reluctantly accepted by three girls (Merrill-thief, Genie-fighter, and Melissa-priestess) as a companion for their adventuring party. As the foursome explore ruins, battle dark creatures, and make new friends, they also uncover a sinister plot within the kingdom.(taken from anime news network).

This one is quite a funny one, since the main hero Louie is mage with a body and mentality of Arnold Schwarzenegger, he simply can´t do anything right. Along with his companions he will get in a lot of messes and misadventures.
In terms of story it´s a simple story but still interesting, the sound track is ok and the animation is quite good.
I found this one to be extremely funny and packed with some good action scenes.
Overall a good anime that is sure to make you laugh specially those who like fantasy rpg´s.
Go to http://www.animedreaming.tv/anime/rune-soldier/ to watch the show, you won´t regret it.
Note: couldn't find the opening video...
Tier 1

Sunday, June 17, 2012

School Days

School Days
Studio - TNK

Well when i started to watch this anime i was looking for a light comedy romance anime and at first it looked like one. As i saw the 12 episodes i found myself looking at something that isn't light at all.

Plot Summary: Makoto Ito rides the train to and from school every day. However, at the beginning of his second term, he falls in love with a beautiful girl that also rides the train. Unfortunately, she barely knows of his existence. Her name is Kotonoha Katsura, and though they attend the same school, they are not in the same class. In an attempt to catch her eye, Makoto enlists the aid of a close female friend of his: Sekai Saionji. She helps him, despite the fact that she—unbeknownst to Makoto—is in love with him. Thus the three are bound in a love triangle of life-changing proportions.(Taken from anime news network).

The animation is good and so is the soundtrack.  The story isn't nothing exceptional and its pretty standard but still  enjoyable. There is romance and there is a spice of comedy still this was one of those animes that caught me by surprise to the point it shocked me.
Overall a good animes with great finale. Its one of those animes that you see only for the ending.

Tier 2

Note: don´t be fooled by the opening... 

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Advance Wars 2 Black Hole Rising

Advance Wars 2 Black Hole Rising
Released for the Nintendo Gameboy Advance in 2003

Basically this game is like the previous one with some little changes and extras.
The story continues from the end of the first game, and is quite good and it does it job well in keeping the player attention.
The gameplay is the same with the addition of some new units and CO´s. Some CO´s suffered some changes (some nerfed other buffed) and now they have access to two CO powers.
The new CO´s are quite fun and interesting to play expanding the experience of the first game. The new units give you the possibility of new tactics whick is quite fun.
Overall not much changed  but is still a great sequel and it does surpass its predecessor. A must play game for everyone and one of the best games available for the GBA.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mirai Nikki (Future Diary)

Mirai Nikki (Future Diary)
Studio – Asread

When i started seeing this one I dint have great expectations but boy was I so wrong. This is a 26 episode anime that will simply blow your mind not allowing the viewer to leave until they see all episodes.

Plot Summary: Yukiteru Amano (Yuki) is a loner who never really interact with people and prefers writing a diary on his cell phone with his only companion being an imaginary friend named Deus Ex Machina, the God of Time and Space. However, Yuki soon learns that Deus is not a figment of his imagination but real when Deus makes him a participant in a battle royale with eleven others. Within this "Diary Game", the contestants are given special diaries that can predict the future with each diary having unique features that gives them both advantages and disadvantages. (taken from anime news network)

Mirai Nikki is action, drama psychology thriller with a superb story and truly amazing characters. I must confess I have seen animes with messed up characters but nothing like some characters of this show, they simply take the meaning of messed up to a whole new level.
The story is just filled with twists and turns that won´t allow the viewer to walk away until the end of the show, basically the surprises never end until the very end of the serie.
The animation is simply amazing specially the expressions, which transmit the feelings of each character in a way that viewer can almost feel their pain, despair and joy, giving the viewer a simply amazing experience.
In terms of sound track, I must say it´s quite good giving another boost to the great experience that is watching this anime.
To sum it up this is without doubt one of the best animes I have seen so far and I simply must recommend it to everyone out there. Simply one of the best anime experiences out there , a truly godlike tier anime.
Don’t waste more time and go to http://www.animeshippuuden.com/watch/mirai-nikki/ to see it.


Note: the first two episode may start a bit slow also try not to see the openings to boost the experience.